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Open-Air Skating Rink Roof Structure, Pasta Island, Jelgava, Latvia

Open‑Air Skating Rink Roof Structure, Pasta Island, Jelgava, Latvia

A timber roof structure was recently constructed over an existing open-air ice rink in Jelgava, Latvia. The project located on Pasta Island serves as a multi-functional building for recreational, cultural and social activities.

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Los Angeles Football Club Soccer Stadium Aluminium Grandstands, Los Angeles, CA USA

The removable grandstands are surrounded on three sides by precast seating risers in the north endzone of the Los Angeles Football club soccer stadium. The grandstands are a free-standing system. The system is comprised of aluminium trusses which are demountable from aluminium towers.

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Los Angeles Football Club Soccer Stadium (© Trex Commercial Products)
Palazzo Meridia in Nice, France (© Architecture-Studio)

Office and Retail Building Palazzo Meridia, Nice, France

The recent trend in high-rise construction is clearly dominated by timber as the most ecological and environmentally friendly material. The project promoter Nexity Resolutely is committed to constructive building solutions with a reduced carbon footprint through various labels and certifications included in their several office and commercial timber projects.

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University of Arkansas Library Annex, USA

Designed to store nearly 2 million library volumes and works of art, the University of Arkansas Library Annex in Fayetteville was built with cross-laminated timber (CLT) roofs, walls and floors, and glulam beams, columns and moment frames.

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University of Arkansas Library Annex, USA (© Chuck Choi)
RFEM Model of the Stair (Left) and Calculated Stresses in RF-LAMINATE (© Naikoon)

Naikoon’s Global Headquarters CLT Staircase Vancouver, BC Canada

Naikoon Contracting Ltd. announced their new global headquarters location in Vancouver, BC late 2018 with a grand opening in Spring 2019. The new office is centred around a set of stunning cross-laminated timber (CLT) stairs which utilize a profound gluing technology developed by Timber Structures 3.0 (TS3). This marked the first time TS3 has been used in North America.

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Timber Arch Structure Design per EC 5


  • Timber design options with Dlubal Software
  • 3D modelling of the arch structure in RFEM
  • Loading and combinations in RFEM
  • Design of timber elements in RF-TIMBER Pro

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Differences Between the Analytical and Nonlinear Deformation Analysis of Reinforced Concrete

Different methods are available for calculating the deformation in the cracked state. RFEM provides an analytical method according to DIN EN 1992-1-1 7.4.3 and a physical-nonlinear analysis.

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