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"Augmented Reality" (AR), "Mixed Reality" (MR) and "Virtual Reality" (VR) can be used in structural design to generate a quick project prototype at a small cost. These options have huge financial advantages for early decision making before final construction.  

The glTF format option in RFEM and RSTAB opens the door to virtual reality for structural models. Check out the short video below to learn more!

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Moongate Residence Suspended Glass Staircase in Sedona, AZ, USA (© SWABACK pllc)

Moongate Residence Suspended Glass Staircase in Sedona, AZ, USA

The Moongate residence, located in Sedona, Arizona, USA, was exceptionally designed by the Scottsdale-based architecture and planning studio SWABACK and the engineering design firm Stutzki Engineering. The entryway’s glass staircase, suspended on steel rods, is perhaps the main focal point and most remarkable engineering feat throughout the house.

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Collegium Academicum ‑ Dormitory in Heidelberg, Germany

On the site of the former US hospital in Heidelberg-Rohrbach, a dormitory is being constructed which will be both a residential and meeting place for students, trainees and young professionals from the Collegium Academicum.

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Collegium Academicum - Dormitory in Heidelberg, Germany (© DGJ Architektur GmbH)
New Campus in Arlesheim, Switzerland (© Gruner AG)

New Campus in Arlesheim, Switzerland

Uptown Basel AG is building a new campus for Industry 4.0 located on the former factory site of Stamm Bau AG in Arlesheim. The structure described here is part of the first building for the new campus.

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Canal Bridge Structure Over Ems River No. 911 N – Bypass, Germany

The Ems Canal Bridge (KBr), built in the 1930s, will be renovated at DEK-km 78.806N as part of the German Dortmund-Ems Canal (DEK) expansion effort. A double half-through bridge is planned for the new structure, where construction will begin while the shipment is in progress.

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Canal Bridge Structure Over Ems River (© Meyer + Schubart VBI)
Technical Articles

Timber Beam‑Column Design per NDS 2018 Using RF‑/TIMBER AWC Module

In this article, the adequacy of a 2x4 dimension lumber subject to combined bi-axial bending and axial compression is verified using RF-/TIMBER AWC add-on module. The beam-column properties and loading are based on example E1.8 of AWC Structural Wood Design Examples 2015/2018.

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Wind Loads on Circular Dome Roof Structures According to ASCE 7‑16

When it comes to wind loads on building type structures per the ASCE 7, numerous resources can be found to supplement design standards and aid engineers with this lateral load application. However, engineers may find it more difficult to find similar resources for wind loading on non-building type structures. This article will examine the steps to calculate and apply wind loads per the ASCE 7-16 on a circular reinforced concrete tank with a dome roof.

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Featured RFEM Add-On Module

The RF-GLASS program is integrated into the RFEM user interface as an add-on module. RF‑GLASS analyzes deformations and stresses of arbitrary shaped and curved glass surfaces including single layer, laminated, and insulated panels.

Check out the full list of previously recorded RF-GLASS webinars to learn the RFEM workflow.

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Recorded Webinars

Introduction to Solid Modeling in RFEM


  • Solid types and material definitions
  • Example models in RFEM
  • Nonlinear considerations
  • Tips and tricks for improved solid modeling

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Online Services

Integrated with Google Maps technology, the Geo-Zone Tool will determine the snow, wind, tornado, or seismic loads according to the ASCE 7-16 and 2015 NBCC instantaneously.

Utilize this online tool to export load data directly to Microsoft Excel for the specified location with the "save" button.

Purchase a Geo-Zone Tool Package for unrestricted map use.

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Models to Download

The Models to Download webpage includes hundreds of free RFEM, RSTAB, and RWIND Simulation models accessible to anyone. Also utilize the extensive search filters available. Open in the free 90-day trial version!

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Free 90-Day Trial Version
Interested in testing your own design projects with RFEM?

Install the 90-day trial version today.  The trial is full capability without any limitations including RFEM and all add-on modules.  After the 90 days, the demo version will be activated.

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