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As summer draws to an end, we look forward to meeting many of you in person at several conferences this fall. Stop by the Dlubal Software booth to learn more about structural analysis and design in our program RFEM.

->  2019 IABSE Congress New York City
September 4-6, 2019
New York, NY

->  Mid-Atlantic Wood Design Symposium
September 19, 2019
Philadelphia, PA

->  2019 NCSEA Summit
November 13-15, 2019
Anaheim, CA

See all of our scheduled events and conferences here.

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The Geo-Zone Tool is available directly on the Dlubal website. Integrated with Google Maps technology, type in the address or select a location on the map to determine the wind, snow, or seismic loads per the ASCE 7-16 and the 2015 NBCC instantaneously.

Purchase a Geo-Zone Tool Package for unrestricted map use.

Interested to learn more? Check out this quick 2:21 min video.

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This summer, we've held a 3-part webinar series aimed at introducing new users to RFEM while moving to the more advanced features in the program for experienced users.

Take advantage of the final Webinar 3 in the series taking place on August 20th and sign up today.  The webinar is free and worth 1 PDH.

If you missed the first two presentations, find the recorded webinars with the links below.


Webinar 1: Introduction to the FEA Program RFEM


  • Overview and features of RFEM and the design add‑on modules
  • Modeling, loading, and analysis of a multi‑material structure in RFEM
  • Introduction to the design add-on modules RF-STEEL AISC and RF-CONCRETE 
  • Review of result output and printout report

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    Webinar 2: Advanced Modeling Features in RFEM


    • Buckling behavior of members utilizing RF‑STABILITY
    • Use of “line releases” for beam to surface connection
    • Addressing FEA singularities with concrete surface design
    • Nonlinear material modeling with a plastic stress analysis of a steel connection

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    Webinar 3: BIM Integration and RFEM (FREE PDH)

    August 20th at 2pm EDT


    • Revit/Tekla integration with RFEM utilizing the direct link
    • Round-tripping of updated model between programs
    • Useful tips for a more optimized integration
    • Other BIM options available

      More Information and Registration

    Free 90-Day Trial Version
    Interested in testing your own design projects with RFEM?

    Install the 90-day trial version today.  The trial is full capability without any limitations including RFEM and all add-on modules.  After the 90 days, the demo version will be activated.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Have a question about the Dlubal programs or services?  Find the answer in our FAQs complete with program models and short videos for clarification.

    Still can't locate what you're searching for? Contact our support team today.

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