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Structural glass design can be a challenge when you're utilizing software that simply isn't developed for this type of application. RFEM and the add-on module RF-GLASS can simplify and improve your glass design approach.

RF‑GLASS analyzes deformations and stresses of arbitrary shaped and curved glass surfaces of not only single layer glass elements, but also multi-layer laminated and insulated elements as well.  Design of the supporting structure is also possible per the USA and Canadian standards such as the AISC, ADM, and CSA with additional design modules in RFEM.

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Glass Structure and Facade Design

A general stress analysis and design including serviceability checks are possible with RFEM and the add-on module RF-GLASS for single-layer, laminated, and insulated glass panels. Learn more on our Solutions page how you can achieve your glass design goals with Dlubal.

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Recorded Webinars

Point Supported Glass Design in RFEM

Duration: 1:03:18

  • Concept of RFEM and RF-GLASS
  • Simplified glass point supported fittings with nodal supports
  • Detailed glass point supported fittings with contact solids

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Design of Structural Glass Systems in RFEM

Duration: 1:01:45

  • Import of a custom extruded section from SHAPE-THIN to RFEM
  • Modeling, loading, and analysis of a glass façade wall utilizing RF-GLASS
  • Global calculation of laminated glass surfaces with regard to the surrounding structure
  • Local calculation of an insulated glass surface without regard to the surrounding structure

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Technical Articles

Influence of Line Load on Insulated Glass Pane

Glass material in building design is on the rise. This includes ceiling high glass facades with handrails. In this article, learn more about the influence of these line loads including deflection considerations on glass panes.

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Timber Veil of TD Place Stadium in Ottawa, Canada

Timber Veil of TD Place Stadium in Ottawa, Canada

Following remodeling, the TD Place Stadium in Canada’s capital Ottawa can hold up to 24,000 visitors. The sports complex is located at Lansdowne Park and is primarily used for Canadian football and soccer. The architectural highlight of the stadium is the curvilinear timber veil designed by Moses Structural Engineers and Halsall.

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School Building Champagne in Biel, Switzerland

The modular structure of the school will remain for eight years at the present location. After this period, 36 timber modules including the screw foundations will be removed entirely and reconstructed at another location for a completely new configuration of the floors and ground plan design. The simple yet functional structure includes the architectural highlight of a front-facing flight of stairs constructed with timber truss girders.

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School Building Champagne in Biel, Switzerland
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Install the 90-day trial version today. The trial is full capability without any limitations including RFEM and all add-on modules. After the 90 days, the demo version will be activated.

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