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RFEM is the complete design tool for reinforced concrete analysis and design per the ACI 318-14 and the CSA A23.3-14. Determine longitudinal, shear, and torsional reinforcement for beams, columns, walls, plates, and slabs.

RFEM and the concrete design add-on modules are not limited to simple geometry for building structures. What sets the program apart, is the ability to also design specialty structures (i.e. curved members, tapered members, domed roofs, stadiums, silos, industrial, etc.).

Continue reading to learn more about RFEM's concrete design capabilities.

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RFEM Add-on Modules

Member and surface reinforcement design for both ULS and SLS per the ACI 318-14 and CSA A23.3-14. Determine the required reinforcement based on loading requirements with consideration of code specifications.

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rfem RF-CONCRETE Deflect

As a module extension within RF-CONCRETE, quickly and efficiently calculate the analytical serviceability requirements of plates and surfaces in the cracked or uncracked state.

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As a module extension within RF-CONCRETE, perform an iterative nonlinear calculation considering both the cracked and uncracked state for serviceability design. Both the concrete and reinforcing steel material properties are used in the nonlinear calculation to accurately determine deformations and crack widths.

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Previously Recorded Webinars
Concrete Design per ACI 318-14 in RFEM

Concrete Design per ACI 318-14 in RFEM

Length: 1:01:59


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Concrete Dome, Tank, and Shell Modeling in RFEM

Concrete Dome, Tank, and Shell Modeling in RFEM

Length: 1:05:34


  • Modeling, loading, and analysis of a concrete dome in RFEM
  • ACI 318-14 strength and serviceability design with the RF-CONCRETE Surfaces add-on module
  • Explore both automated and user-defined reinforcement areas
  • Deflection analysis considering creep/shrinkage with the RF-CONCRETE Deflect add-on module

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Singularities in Design of Reinforced Concrete Surfaces

Singularities in Design of Reinforced Concrete Surfaces

Singularities occur in a limited area due to the concentration of the stress-dependent result values. They are conditioned by the FEA methodology. In theory, the stiffness and/or the stress in an infinite size concentrate on an infinitesimal small area. Continue reading to learn how to alleviate this all-too-common issue within FEA software.

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Manual Arrangement of Surface Reinforcement

Manual Arrangement of Surface Reinforcement

As an alternative to the conventional automatic arrangement of surface reinforcement in RF‑CONCRETE Surfaces, it is also possible to set it according to the individual requirements. For example, this can be useful when creating reinforcement drawings as the reinforcement areas are clearly defined and also include dimensions.

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Upcoming Events
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