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RFEM is now the complete solution for membrane and cable structures.

The RF-FORM-FINDING add‑on module determines the shape of structures subjected to tension or compression. The new prestressed shape is then considered as the initial state for the structural analysis. Cutting patterns for the membrane elements can further be determined by the RF‑CUTTING‑PATTERN add‑on module.

Check out this short 1:46 video on the form-finding capabilities in RFEM.

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Recorded Webinars
Form-Finding and Cutting Patterns of Membrane Structures in RFEM

Form-Finding and Cutting Patterns of Membrane Structures in RFEM

Length: 1:09:52


  • Features of the add-on modules RF‑FORM‑FINDING and RF‑CUTTING‑PATTERN
  • Modeling, form-finding and design of a membrane structure
  • Generation of cutting patterns and export to AutoCAD

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Simulation of Air-Inflated Foil Cushions in RFEM

Simulation of Air-Inflated Foil Cushions in RFEM

Length: 48:28


  • Explanation on the form-finding state of development and generation of cutting patterns in RFEM
  • Modeling and analysis of an air-inflated foil cushion in RFEM

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Specific Requirements of Membrane Structures

Specific Requirements of Membrane Structures

This paper focuses on the design aspects of membrane structures which require form‑finding and cutting pattern generation. These requirements are discussed further from a practical point of view rather than from a theoretical point of view.

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RFEM is the best I have used. I have experience with RISA, STAAD, ETABS, Visual Analysis, and others. In the tensile/fabric structure world, I've tried NDN, Forten, etc. Once you get used to RFEM's interface, it has no comparison to the others. Even with typical structures, it's much easier.

Fernando Pe‎ña, P.E.
Rocky Summit Engineering Consulting, LLC.

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