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We hope 2021 is off to a great start, and we wish you all the best this year.

Continue to stay up to date on the latest Dlubal news below including structural analysis and design in our FEA program RFEM for a wide array of industries

As always, if you are considering updating your current license or interested in your first purchase, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Amy Heilig, PE
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Upcoming Online Trainings

Register for an upcoming online training course to learn the fundamental basics of analysis and design in the FEA program RFEM.

The three-hour course will allow attendees to observe as the instructor moves through detailed examples in RFEM and the add-on modules.  Each participant will receive the recording and (3) PDHs (for paid training only) after course completion. 

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Purchase and Enter to Win!

Any new purchase of the RFEM timber design add-on modules RF-TIMBER AWC, RF-TIMBER CSA, and RF-LAMINATE between now and 2/28 will be entered to win a full attendee pass to the virtual International Mass Timber Conference, March 30th - April 1st ($626.50 value).

Ask us how to apply your $150 USD voucher to the purchase.

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Recorded Webinars

ADM 2020 Member Design in RFEM

This webinar demonstrates the aluminum member design workflow according to the Aluminum Design Manual (ADM) 2020 in RFEM.


  • Custom extruded section in SHAPE-THIN
  • Fabric membrane prestressed shape with RF-FORM-FINDING
  • CFD wind load generation with RWIND Simulation
  • Aluminum member analysis in RFEM
  • ADM 2020 member design in RF-ALUMINUM ADM

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ADM 2020 Verification Problems

Check out these detailed verification problems comparing results from the 2020 Aluminum Design Manual (ADM) Part VII Illustrative Examples to the RF-ALUMINUM ADM module.  Gain confidence in the aluminum design workflow accuracy in RFEM.

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Technical Articles

Reinforcement of Existing Column in RFEM per AISC Design Guide 15

This article demonstrates the use of "Parametric-Thin-Walled" cross-section available in RFEM based on the LRFD example shown in AISC Design Guide 15: Rehabilitation and Retrofit [2].

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Interoperability of Dlubal with Rhino & Grasshopper

Selected elements of the programming language are available in the form of graphical components. The user must subsequently place them in a logical order so that the self-created tool can solve the task.

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Featured Products
Downtown Philadelphia and RWIND Simulation

RWIND Simulation

RWIND Simulation simulates wind flow around buildings or any other object with the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology to determine the applied wind forces. Wind load cases are automatically integrated into RFEM for further design. 

Check out this 2:13 min video for a quick introduction or these more detailed webinars for in-depth examples.

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Free 90-Day Trial Version
Interested in testing your own design projects with RFEM?

Install the 90-day trial version today.  The trial is full capability without any limitations including RFEM and all add-on modules.  After the 90 days, the demo version will be activated.

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