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From all of us at Dlubal Software, we want to wish you and your family a healthy and happy holiday season. We certainly look forward to a fresh start in 2021. For the upcoming year, we'll be offering new webinars, online trainings, and other virtual events to keep our users engaged.

Remember to take advantage of your end-of-year voucher before 12/31 for your next Dlubal purchase available in your Dlubal Extranet.

Until next year, we wish you all the best.

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SEAoP 8th Annual Virtual Conference - The Rise of Mass Timber and the Role of FEA Software

SEAoP 8th Annual Virtual Conference ‑ The Rise of Mass Timber and the Role of FEA Software

This 1-hr recorded seminar co-presented by Dlubal Software and Bensonwood at the Structural Engineers Association of Pennsylvania (SEAoP) Annual Conference will provide insight to engineers looking to analyze and design cross-laminated timber (CLT) structures in RFEM. Additionally, hear more about mass timber design directly from the timber design firm Bensonwood.

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Technical Articles

NBC 2015 Modal Response Spectrum Analysis and Base Shear Considerations

The National Building Code of Canada (NBC) 2015 Article provides a clear procedure for earthquake methods of analysis. The more advanced method, the Dynamic Analysis Procedure in Article, should be used for all structure types except those that meet the criteria set forth in

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AISC Chapter F Lateral Torsional Buckling Versus Eigenvalue Calculation Methods Compared

Utilizing the RF-STEEL AISC add-on module, steel member design is possible according to the AISC 360-16 standard. The following article will compare the results between calculating lateral torsional buckling according to Chapter F and an Eigenvalue Analysis.

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Technical Articles

Shear Resistance Vc According to ACI 318‑19

With the most recent ACI 318-19 standard, the long-term relationship to determine the concrete shear resistance, Vc, are redefined. With the new method, the member height, the longitudinal reinforcement ratio, and the normal stress now influence the shear strength, Vc. The following article describes the shear design updates, and the application is demonstrated with an example.

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New Webpages!
Structural Engineering Software for Analysis & Design of Stairway Structures

The structural engineering programs RFEM and RSTAB are ideal for designing and analyzing all stairway types such as concrete stairs, steel stairs, timber stairs, glass stairs, and more. Calculate a flight of stairs with or without landings or even entire stairwells.

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Analysis & Design Software for Pneumatic Structures

The structural analysis software RFEM includes form finding, structural analysis, and cutting patterns for pneumatic structures (e.g. air-supported canopies, pneumatically prestressed roofs, air-inflated structures, etc.).

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Models to Download

Models to Download

The Models to Download webpage includes hundreds of free RFEM and RSTAB models accessible to anyone. Also utilize the extensive search filters available.

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"Terma Bania" Building Extension and Renovation in Białka Tatrzańska, Poland

"Terma Bania" Building Extension and Renovation in Białka Tatrzańska, Poland

This project was designed using BIM technology. During the documentation process, IFC files were used for the data exchange. The architectural building model was first created in REVIT then exported to RFEM to apply loads and complete the full structural analysis and design.

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Champagne Bar ‑ Goodwood Racecourse, United Kingdom

The company LEICHT was awarded the design phase for the Champagne Bar’s new roof located at the Goodwood Racecourse. The planning steps included the form-finding process, the membrane and the supporting steel structure approval and design, as well as the membrane and the cable cutting patterns.

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Champagne Bar - Goodwood Racecourse, United Kingdom
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