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The latest RFEM v5.24 and the add-on module RF-ALUMINUM ADM now include the recently released Aluminum Design Manual (ADM) 2020. Pair this with the standalone program SHAPE-THIN to create custom aluminum sections. Integrate custom sections into RF-ALUMINUM ADM for full design included local buckling checks.

Check out a previously recorded ADM webinar to see the program in action. Also, keep an eye out for an upcoming free webinar utilizing the latest 2020 standard.

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Upcoming Timber Training (this Wednesday!)

Upcoming Timber Training (this Wednesday!)

Register for the upcoming online training course this Wednesday (11/18 1pm - 4pm EST) to learn the fundamental basics of timber analysis and design in the FEA program RFEM ($250 USD).

The three-hour course will allow attendees to observe as the instructor moves through detailed timber member and cross-laminated timber (CLT) examples in RFEM and the add-on modules.  Each participant will receive the following after course completion: 

  • Training documentation (PDF)
  • RFEM models
  • Video recording
  • (3) PDH certificate

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Recorded Webinars

FEA Troubleshooting and Optimization in RFEM

This webinar demonstrates how to troubleshoot FEA modeling errors while optimizing the model input with helpful workflows and approaches in RFEM.


  • Addressing model instabilities
  • Structure stability and buckling considerations
  • FE mesh troubleshooting and optimization
  • Nonlinear features for improved results
  • Additional FEA modeling tips and suggestions

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Why Dlubal Software?

Still contemplating the Dlubal structural analysis and design programs? We've put together a short list of the most convincing and unique reasons to make the switch today such as flexible buying options and a minimal learning curve.

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New! Models to Download

The new Models to Download webpage includes hundreds of free RFEM and RSTAB models accessible to anyone. Also utilize the extensive search filters available.

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Technical Articles

Wind Loads on a Tall Building

The following study compares the wind pressure on a tall building obtained by RWIND Simulation with the results published by Dagnew et al. at the 11th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering in June 2009. In this paper, the Commonwealth Advisory Aeronautical Council (CAARC) building is used as a model and results of several different numerical methods are compared with experimental data obtained from wind-tunnels.

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2018 NDS Updates for Cross‑Laminated Timber Design

The American Wood Council (AWC) has released the 2018 Edition of the National Design Specification (NDS) for Wood Construction. This is the second edition of the NDS to contain a chapter dedicated to cross-laminated timber (CLT) design. Therefore, a couple of revisions were included in the 2018 NDS when compared to the previous 2015 Edition.

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Technical Articles

Vibration Design of Cross‑Laminated Timber Plates

For wide-span ceilings, the vibration design of cross-laminated timber plates is often governing. The advantage of the lighter material of timber over concrete turns into a disadvantage because a high mass material is advantageous for a low natural frequency.

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Free 90-Day Trial Version
Interested in testing your own design projects with RFEM?

Install the 90-day trial version today.  The trial is full capability without any limitations including RFEM and all add-on modules.  After the 90 days, the demo version will be activated.

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