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The Dlubal website includes a wealth of information for new users, experienced users, and even non-users!

All resources are free and aim to improve your program knowledge as well a structural engineering topics in general. Continue reading this month's newsletter as I highlight a few of these resources or check out the general links below and take advantage of the advanced search options.

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Tutorials for Students

RFEM 5 Tutorial for Students | 015 Dynamics: Response Spectrum Analysis | Input Data

RFEM 5 Tutorial for Students | 016 Dynamics: Response Spectrum Analysis | Results

RFEM 5 Tutorial for Students | 017 Dynamics: Linear Time History Analysis | Input Data

RFEM 5 Tutorial for Students | 018 Dynamics: Linear Time History Analysis | Result Data


These short 5-10 minute videos provide a simple and clear introduction to RFEM including input data, design, and even dynamic analysis.  Perfect not only for students but also new users looking for a quick program introduction.

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Verification Examples

Verification examples give you the confidence the Dlubal programs are continually tested and verified to given analytical examples. Check out the examples listed below for more information.

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Upcoming Online RFEM Training

Upcoming Online RFEM Training

New to RFEM? Register for the upcoming online training course to learn the fundamental basics of member and surface analysis in the FEA program.

The four-hour course will allow attendees to observe as the instructor moves through detailed examples in RFEM.  Each participant will receive the following after course completion: 

  • Training documentation (PDF)
  • RFEM models
  • Video recording
  • Participation certificate (4 PDHs)

RFEM | Basics ($250 USD) - Thursday, 6/17, 9am - 1pm EDT

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Recorded Webinars

Blast Time History Analysis in RFEM


  • Blast loading considerations acc. to AISC Design Guide 26
  • Linear time-history analysis utilizing RF-DYNAM PRO - Forced Vibrations 
  • Model nonlinearities utilizing RF-DYNAM PRO - Nonlinear Time History
  • Structure response and results overview

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Technical Articles

Interoperability of Dlubal Software with Rhino & Grasshopper

"Good tool, half the job": This proverb could equally be applied to the software industry. The better a program is task-tailored, the more efficiently tasks can be solved. The variety and complexity of today's problems, especially in structural engineering, require specifically tailored solutions.

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Wind Loads on a Tall Building

The following study compares the wind pressure on a tall building obtained by RWIND Simulation with the results published by Dagnew et al. at the 11th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering in June 2009. In this paper, the Commonwealth Advisory Aeronautical Council (CAARC) building is used as a model and results of several different numerical methods are compared with experimental data obtained from wind-tunnels.

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Online Services

Integrated with Google Maps technology, the Geo-Zone Tool will determine the snow, wind, tornado, or seismic loads according to the ASCE 7-16 and 2015 NBCC instantaneously.

Utilize this online tool to export load data directly to Microsoft Excel for the specified location with the "save" button.

Purchase a Geo-Zone Tool Package for unrestricted map use.

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Models to Download

The Models to Download webpage includes hundreds of free RFEM, RSTAB, and RWIND Simulation models accessible to anyone. Also utilize the extensive search filters available. Open in the free 90-day trial version!

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Free 90-Day Trial Version
Interested in testing your own design projects with RFEM?

Install the 90-day trial version today.  The trial is full capability without any limitations including RFEM and all add-on modules.  After the 90 days, the demo version will be activated.

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